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Buy a hotel in Spain by the sea – the variety of possibilities

In Spain a huge number of hotels and institutions that Nada services for tourists. In this country, there are about 17000 such enterprises, will seat nearly 2 million people.

            All inclusive

the biggest networks that provide services are:

  • Meliá,;
  • Riu;
  • NH;
  • Barcel&mónica;;
  • Iberostar.

But here the services: «all inclusive” which   cheap popular resorts of Egypt and Turkey, there is still not very common. Although there are, of course, a network of hotels that are actively using this scheme. Is: Iberostar Hotels & Resorts MAR Hotels, Viva Hotels, Princess Hotels & Resorts Valentin Hotels.

of Course, Spain hotels all inclusive with private beach – this is more rare than a permanent phenomenon, but they are. This is just developing in Spain, this country still calculated on more expensive, luxury holidays, cooked gourmet meals, and educational tourism. Come here for new experiences, not just bezvylazno stay in the hotel, as it often happens in popular resorts of the middle East.

Hotels Spain are all-inclusive with private beach – and it's different for stars and the status of the hotel. Access to a private beach – this is not always a symbol of luxury as it might seem. Very often your own excellent beach can own even average hotel. Besides, sometimes the output is even not needed: Spain country safe, unlike many other resort countries in the East, which was chosen by our tourists. Here you can safely walk, to walk and not necessarily all 10 days of vacation to spend only at the beach.

Buy a hotel in Spain 

Spain – the country is very popular for tourists. Hotels with service «all inclusive” and a private beach area across the country quite a lot. You just have to choose the one that fits the price and conditions. For example, Costa-del - Sol, is: Sol Don Marco, La Barracuda, Playa Bonita. On The Costa Blanca : Gran Palas, Marinada, Villa Romana. Costa Brava also has excellent hotels of this kind: Alva Park Fenals Garden, Boix Mar, Beverly Park.

On the Islands of accommodation even more, because it is here that the huge demand for tourist services. Hotels: Sir Anthony, Sol Tenerife, Vulcano, Beach House, So Trinidad.

If you decide to vacation in Spain and use the hotels own private beach services «all inclusive” you will have a very wide selection. Decide what you like and go on fabulous holidays in hot Spain! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24