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How to deal with the housing prices in Spain?

Compatriots when looking for the opportunity to become the owner of something, especially housing, in the Spanish Kingdom, faced with the problem of misunderstanding the exact numbers for any kind of housing. After all, almost all of them are shown in euros and less in dollars. But the salary in Russian rubles and most of the savings too. Therefore need to understand what number in the national currency to count, making a purchase in the Kingdom.

Expensive, but possible

Property in Spain near the sea in rubles can not cost less than million. While million rubles is an impressive figure, but for the same amount in the Kingdom can be purchased lishi a small area and then primarily for agricultural plantations. On the average, to buy property in Spain near the sea in rubles must possess not less than one and a half million. Up to two million actually purchase a small 40 m2 one-room apartment in an inexpensive city.

If you want to buy a property in Spain on the coast cheap with the sum about 2 million roubles, can turn its attention East coast of the country. Because one   cities, placed there - Torrevieja is an ideal place for those who want to buy the cheapest housing, but having a great climate, near the sea.

it is also Possible to buy a property in Spain near the sea in rubles of the 2,5-3 millions of rubles. About the cost of the cheapest real estate to 50,000 euros. It is this budget accommodation is also mainly sold in low-cost areas. But for the same amount you can also purchase commercial property, land.

For some people the main goal is-to buy a property in Spain on the coast cheap.  You can easily find a wide variety of such housing. After all, a budget property there are:

  • In Tenerife;
  • Costa Blanca;
  • Costa-del-Sol;
  • Catalonia.

an Important decision

Property in Spain cheap in rubles, it is also possible to obtain with a mortgage. As in your own currency in your own country, and in euros in Spain. Decide for yourself how best to do it and where to pay. But you decide for yourself, depending on how you prefer.

Yes, when the price translated into rubles is amazing. Although, having 1-2 millions of rubles, you can become the owner of property in Spain. This is sometimes cheaper than in their home country. Of course, if you need a Villa and a luxury house, you need to have at least 10 million rubles. But you, buying a house will never regret.

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