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the Research Agency of the real estate, Iberia Real Estate reports that almost a fifth of the tourists visited Spain this summer, it plans to acquire in this country housing. The most interested tourists come  from Germany. Buying property not only in famous and big cities but in obscure. In the coastal regions of the housing sold out very quickly. Among the buyers are citizens of the Russian Federation.

  1. Purchase housing

the Benefits of buying real estate:

  • the Best time to invest. You no longer need to worry about how much does a house in Spain. This year the country has experienced a decrease in the cost of the property. The price dropped by fifty percent. Investors will not refuse such an offer.
  • Drop rate on the loan. Mortgage loan to abroad much easier, than in Russia. For registration need a minimum package of documents. The interest rate is small, favorable conditions.
  • multiple entry Schengen visa. The foreigner who bought a property, it is possible to obtain for all its members family annual Schengen visa.

the Selection of sites by region:

  • Catalonia. Due to the proximity of the property  to the Cote d'azur most of the objects are considered as elite housing. Villas in Costa Blanca and apartments in Barcelona are very beautiful and are the hallmark of the region. Reputable buyers I can not pass by such proposals.
  • Valencia and Murcia. Sunny regions and proximity to the sea made real estate in this area is popular and inexpensive.
  • Andalusia. a Unique region, as Andalusia is washed by both the Pacific ocean and the sea. Vacationers from around the world speak positively about this place. Here you can buy a house in Spain cheap.

you can Invest your money better in the tourist property abroad. Travelling man is the way to earn, there is always where to stop and spend the night.. Spain live nice and helpful people and interesting traditions of the country will not leave anyone indifferent. As in many European countries,Spain is quite a high standard of living.

House in Spain prices in rubles for review and comparison are available on our website. Tourists should pay attention to three cities: Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza. This is the most attractive city for real estate purchase by tourists. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24