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Buy a Villa in Spain by the sea

the Best investment for your money not only profitable, but also beautiful. Safe way of investing money there is in property, and when it comes to Spain is really beautiful. Sea, sun throughout the year, magnificent nature. This is the place where you need to be a private Villa.

the Cost of villas in Spain

How much is  Villa in Spain? Where is the best to buy a Villa in Spain? These questions are most commonly asked among our clients. Thus, the command Open Spains, happy to meet  you this article. And provide you with professional assistance in choosing a Villa on the Sunny coast of Spain.

Luxury villas in Spain sale is gaining popularity among people of all incomes and lifestyles. After all, Villa in Spain suitable as a peaceful people who love peace, and those who are divorced "live". Prices for luxury apartments range from 2-3 million and can reach amounts up to several hundred thousand dollars!

So how much is a luxury Villa in Spain?

what determines the price of luxury villas in Spain? There are so many factors influencing the price of villas in Spain. And we have identified three major.

the Most important aspect are:

  • One of the main is the placement of your home. The most expensive are the villas that are on the shore of this Sunny country. And as in every country, in cities where the infrastructure is well developed, the prices will also stay at a high level. And only in a calm and peaceful settlements, it is possible to experience a significant reduction in the price of housing the elite class. And all this only due to the remoteness from the sea, and not so well-developed transport system. That people with their own cars will not be a barrier, this Villa will cost you from more than 3 million dollars.
  • secondly, the price is also very depends on the area of your property. The least expensive and Spain are considered the property to 100m2, with a small courtyard at the house. With such an area to buy a house 4 million and more.
  • truly expensive are the villas, which are sold in complete with pools, relaxation areas, terraces and a beautiful garden. This beauty will cost just 6 million or more. Although is high? This price is for the pleasure you get?
  • finally, the better the repair, the exclusive design more exotic filling of your Villa, the higher the price for it. Therefore, the third factor of influence on the price and quality of construction. The villas are decorated with natural wood, stone and leather are the most expensive and their price is no limit, it all depends on your wallet and desire.

Buy a Villa in Spain, without any problem and with big guarantees can we. Especially, when you trying team of professionals Open Spains. Which always will support you, help you choose the right place to find the best option at the offered price, to help you evaluate all the advantages of the selected housing. After all, you are just another one of our clients, first and foremost you are a person who knows what he wants and we just to help you with this. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24