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If you want to buy a property in Spain but you are not satisfied with the version of the secondary housing, then your choice would be new construction. house in Spain from the Builder is the real estate that will make you happy with its modern high-quality repairs, new kitchen, bathroom and air conditioning. This property can also be purchased under the excavated pit. Whatever expose themselves to deception Scam to buy a property is only proven companies that operate more than one year on the sales market and proven themselves a decent side.

Every year, the construction of new buildings in Spain is growing. They are built on the latest technologies and fashionable designs. the house for sale in Spain we can also take credit. Banks are much more willing to make such deals than loans on the secondary market.

the Price at which you can buy property in new buildings depends on different conditions:

  • distance from the sea;
  • infrastructure development;
  • swimming pool;
  • location.

property in Spain

 the Tourist season in Spain lasts all year round. Property from  house in Spain on the coast to buy will be a profitable investment. You will have the opportunity to get quality rest at any time convenient for you, and if necessary, these apartments can be rent out for profit. This is the most profitable investment. Income from housing delivery in rent brings excellent dividends.

villas in Spain are of two types. This monolithic brick structure. They are more expensive. Another type is a prefabricated house. Panel building high-rises, they are available in price and built very quickly.

If to purchase a new property in Spain  in an apartment building, you will receive housing with a Spanish flair small kitchen but spacious living room, where the locals meet the big companies and several small bedrooms. If all this does not suit you and you want a spacious room, then buy a Bungalow, townhouses, and villas. When buying large objects developers offer a choice of finishing materials from the more modest to the expensive. The choice is subject to built-in appliances, cabinets, interior doors etc.

All properties meet the European quality standards and all necessary requirements. Experts give an estimate of Spanish real estate from the Builder, as the most promising. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24