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Commercial properties in Spain

Spain – is one of the ideal countries for doing business. There are opportunities to develop and work. If you decide to start a business in this hot country, you need to buy a commercial property.

Why not businesses?

Commercial property in Spain to buy, which you could turn into a good business. It really to buy a commercial space and start from scratch. It is a good idea because you will have debts, failures and mistakes of the past master, so if you bought a ready-made business. Moreover, working from “excellent” you will attract new customers. Just because you do not know there were problems with customers and quality of service from the former owner which can negatively affect your work.

in addition, commercial property prices in Spain is available. Yeah, a lot depends on the area and the region of placement, but it is cheap to buy such premises – really. Because the cost can start even from 25000-35000 euros, for example, if you buy a one-room apartment in the secondary market and will rent it out. Or want to develop agriculture by purchasing a small plot of land.

But commercial property in Spain on the coast – is more profitable. After all, there are more opportunities to develop tourist services, rent apartment and to open the mini-bar. And not always it is more expensive than ordinary real estate. After all, on the coast of Spain there are many cities that are famous for their low prices. For Example, Alicante.

Commercial property in Spain, buy which is most profitable –the apartments on the ground floor housing, which can be converted into a hotel or hostel, shopping area, all unsuitable for human habitation, but perfect for business real estate. For example, somewhere near the sea or in the city centre-noisy and very touristic.

the Right approach

Buying a commercial property in Spain, you will:

  • Can develop his own, brand new business;
  • Before buying to find out what its niche is vacant in the region and fill  it, freeing yourself from the competition;
  • to Recoup the cost of buying commercial real estate already for 2-3 years

I Commercial real estate prices in Spain and the Outlook is excellent. This is a great solution for those who want to do business in Europe. If you are interested in commercial property in Spain on the coast or in any region – we are waiting for you in OpenSpains. Make the right choice with us! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24