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Shops in Spain – a variety of choices and prices

Shopping in Spain – not only a branch of the business, but also one of the types of tourism. Spain has a vast network of supermarkets and stores, this country is one of the most interesting for those who want to have a high quality and inexpensive shopping.

major stores

One of the most popular is the retail chain Mercadona. the Store in Spain Mercadona – is a uniqueBecause the market is 22% busy. It is a Spanish company that has low prices, and sells quality local and imported products. Store in Spain, Mercadona is a vivid example of how small businesses can make a really huge network. The guide is located in Valencia.

Also, one of the largest networks of shops trading in the goods of everyday use is El Corte Ingles. the Store in Spain El Corte Ingles is very popular among the local population, the network is constantly expanding, and even has its own stores in Portugal and plans to develop the Italian market. Store in Spain, El Corte Ingles – is a chain which offers its clients a diverse selection of products, regular discounts and best products.

in Addition to the most well-known chains and stores in Spain, a huge number formovie boutiques, outlets, shops, brand clothes, furniture, appliances, shoes of all famous brands.

Tourists and Spaniards adore shopping. Here there are permanent discounts and promotions. And the goods of very high quality. Here and without of the bids, the prices are reasonable for the amount of 10 euros you can buy a kilo of any meat, and fruits and vegetables in just 4-6 euros per kilo. Here everything is done to make your walks around the shops was the most comfortable and convenient.

Own a store

But, if you do not wish to use what is already created or you want to have your own business, you can shop to buy in Spain. This, of course, are not very cheap, but profitable. You can find the most varied: from huge to very tiny. Prices are also all sorts: from 100,000 euros for quite a small shop of 50 m2.

If you want to buy a shop in Spain and to join the trading business of this country, we are waiting for you in OpenSpains. Our experts:

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