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commercial premises in Spain – easy to do business

            Spain – is a country where many shops and markets. The Spaniards love to shop, and tourists who come here also love shopping, while spending a lot of money. Therefore, to acquire commercial premises here – quite profitable.

            Convenient placement

            of Course, buy commercial premises in Spain – it's not cheap. Especially if you intend to open a small shop and a huge supermarket or a large shop. But the profits you will get stable and good. First of all, learn Spanish market: that is, what is not, which stores in excess and which can be counted on the fingers. Depending on this, will look for commercial space.

            In the big cities, crowded with tourists, ready to buy everything, you can open probably any store and it will be successful. But it is important to find the right location: close to downtown and tourist attractions if it is a souvenir shop. Somewhere in the depths of the sleeping area, if it is a small grocery store. Inside a huge shopping centre, if this shop clothes, shoes, cosmetics or children's products.

            Buy commercial premises in Spain in a coastal or resort area, the best small and there to sell trinkets to tourists, with facilities for swimming, diving or local goods, oil, wine, chocolate, sweets, clothes, fruits. They also need to open within sight of the tourists. So how come basically walk through the main streets, buy commercial space there.


            Buy commercial property in Spain is:

  • Available (prices vary);
  • Profitable
  • Perspective;
  • the Opportunity to obtain a residence permit or “Golden visa" if the sum is greater than 500,000 euros).

the Cost of such trading platforms, well, very different. And you can't compare commercial premises advertised in Barcelona or, say, in a small Denia. All depends on the city in which it is located, and the area and the quality of repair, and much more. Of course, it so happens that for the identical amount in a small provincial town you will buy something of this sort, and at the same time in Madrid will acquire a tiny room somewhere on the outskirts. In any case, only you can decide.

In smaller cities the prices vary from 100,000 Euro per 100 m2, while, as in the famous and large can have the amount and 600,000 euros and even more than a million. But whatever you choose, we will always help you. Contact us and you will become a successful owner of the best commercial premises in Spain! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24