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Building in Barcelona: in the arms of a dream

If you have a goal to buy a house in Barcelona, you will definitely review lots of proposals and will give a lot of information. But at home in Barcelona photo which you can see on the Internet is not always true. So be careful when choosing a home in this city. Our Agency offers only the home to the Barcelona photos are real. Please note that the more pictures of a house from different angles, the greater the likelihood that this is indeed the house that needed.

         Close to town

Spain – a beautiful country, what part of you would not go, there is everything: mountains, the sea and medieval towns. Barcelona is the same – the second largest city of the Kingdom. He settled and built up very much. So if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Barcelona, to use what she gives, but do not want to live in a bustling megalopolis, it is possible to find a house near Barcelona.

            House near Barcelona buy, both in the cities and towns. But if you still are a fan of city life, you will accept such settlements near Barcelona: Vic (70 km), Montblanc (110 km), Tagarray, (100 km), Sitges (40 km), Girona (100 km). This is a fairly large city where many attractions and you may seem a little far from Barcelona. But in General near the capital of Catalonia has a lot of small towns. First, you probably will not understand, which ended in Barcelona and begun a new town. Unable to find a house here. It will be much cheaper than real estate in the city.

the Home as in a fairy tale

All of course, you think that every house in Barcelona – just perfect. And frankly, you are not mistaken. The houses in the city are very attractive. It is a modern (or renovated) homes, where there is everything for comfortable life: furniture, communication, terraces, verandas, barbecue areas, sun roof, orange gardens and pools. And if in the post-Soviet countries this is considered as an outlandish luxury in Barcelona – this is absolutely normal at home for the middle class.

If you like the bustling city and its busy streets – buy a house in Barcelona. If you prefer understated luxury and quiet rest near resort towns – you need a house near Barcelona to buy. Choose to your taste. In any case, you will get excellent accommodation with all the comforts and beauty of the external world. Contact us – and we will help you to make this dream a reality. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24