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real Estate in Barcelona by the sea: a Paradise on the shore

Who does not dream to live in Barcelona and that his bedroom window looked out on the sea? This probably want all. How and what you need to know to buy a real estate in Barcelona coast?

Closer to the sea

If you want to enjoy not only unmatched architecture, delicious cuisine and the gentle sea in Barcelona, you can buy a house on the coast. In the city, strangely enough, the most expensive housing is not near the sea, and in the posh and business areas, and also in the historic center. A real estate in Barcelona on the coast – and quite affordable, too. Most of the apartments are in excellent restored buildings and private homes – beautiful, reliable and convenient. But we must remember that near the sea there are very expensive areas and houses. This is the beachfront area of Diagonal Mar – luxury homes, swimming pools, elegant buildings. There, housing can cost more than 500,000 euros and more 1 million.

Property in Torrevieja on the coast

so, it is worth noting that all Barcelona – this is a huge coastal Paradise area. As in all seaside cities, you will feel the smell of salt water, the distant sound port and know that you are just a short 20 from you flutters in the gentle warm sea. But, of course, want every morning to take your eyes and from her window to contemplate the sea. If you decided to settle near the beaches, the port, a charming seaside hustle and unsurpassed sense of freedom, choose a few areas of Barcelona: Barceloneta, Villaolimpia, the southern part of Montjuic and Casa Antica (Raval, Gothic, Ribera). It is the most close areas to the sea. You don't have to spend a lot of time to get to the beach. Besides, housing prices in these area is very low: around 3000 euros per square meter, in the Montjuic – a bit more expensive (3500 euros per square meter), and the Raval because of its kind of adverse and is one of the cheapest parts of Barcelona.

What is good what is bad

Sure, it seems that to live near the sea – it is very good. But in Barcelona it is not always the case. Judge, coastal regions – a bustling port, a huge number of tourists, increased crime and high prices in some places all due to the same tourists. But this afternoon. Evening and night – it's a lovely quiet area (except Barcelona), where a good rest, there is a lot of fun, fountains with lighting and music and a generally relaxed atmosphere of the resort, though a huge city.

Only you can decide or not to buy a property in Barcelona on the coast. But buying a house by the sea or an apartment in a luxury building (new or renovated) to be able to Wake up every day from the cries of seagulls, smell the sea, and look away from my window. And in the distance, somewhere where the sky merges with the sea, you may see your dream. But if one of your desires – house in Barcelona on the coast – please contact us and we will do a story of your life in the present! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24