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If you are going to move to Spain with his family, two-bedroom apartment will definitely be your salvation. Everyone will have their own room, and no one will violate the personal space of each other. And in the evenings you will be able to get together in the living room and spend lovely family evenings. On holidays you will come friends, and wonder how it is you managed to gain such a wonderful and cozy apartment.

apartment Spain – this is just a dream for everyone. To live in such a wonderful country with a stable climate and good conditions for work and accommodation - it's like living in a small Paradise on Earth. To return to your favorite apartment to his beloved family, to spend holidays and feast, invite parents and friends, absolutely not thinking where and how to place it.

How to buy an apartment in Spain?

to Buy an apartment in Spain is not a problem. Just the same, this type of real estate is one of the most popular, so choices to select from, you will abound. And the prices for two-bedroom apartments you really will be pleasantly surprised.  apartment in Spain in Alicante is 20 000 euros. At the same time, the apartment is in good condition and is located close to the sea. Or here's another option in the same Alicante. The apartment is after renovation, fully furnished, 3 kilometers from the sea. In the residential complex where the apartment is located, is a beauty salon, fitness centre, medical facilities, playgrounds and shops. The price 27 000 Euro. But the apartment in Barcelona for 38 900 euros. To the beach 200 meters, furnished, white goods, a terrace. Nearby is a Church with a Park, playgrounds and shops. Apartment on the Costa Blanca near the sea, located on the fifth floor, with views of the sights of the city, and which stands 45 000 euros. What could be better?

For comparison.  apartments in new houses on the Costa Calida. They cost 159 000 euros. Sandy beaches right outside the window on two sides, overlooking two seas, swimming pool, restaurant, guarded territory and Parking, Concierge in the house. There are terraces.

of Course, the apartment for 20 000 – 50 000 euros will not put in the number of apartments per 100 000 EUR  above. But we do not and will not. In fact, cheap – not always bad, and expensive – not always good. To buy an apartment in Spain is entirely real. They are not worth the exorbitant money here, and even more so, sellers do not inflate prices for their apartments, and Vice versa, all contribute to your buyers. So, go ahead and fulfill their dreams. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24