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Spain – the fourth largest country in Europe with a population of over 47 million people. It consists of 17 Autonomous regions, which include 50 provinces and 2 Autonomous cities located in Africa-Melilla and Ceuta. The country is ruled by a monarch, and help him in the Prime Minister and bicameral Parliament.

Due to the fact that in the North Spain is washed by the Atlantic ocean and to the South of the Mediterranean sea, in different parts of the country different climate zones. This country attractive to tourists. Visited Spain in 4th place. Every year the country receives up to 70 million people. Beach lovers can soak under the hot summer sun on the beaches of the Costa Calida, Costa Brava, Costa de Valencia and other popular resort areas. The young tourists prefer to spend time on the Islands of Ibiza and Mallorca, as they a large number of discos and clubs. Those who like to take sun baths and swim all year round, suitable Canary Islands. In the Northern regions of the country also have places to relax. In the Iberian mountains, the Central Cordillera, the Pyrenees are numerous ski resorts. Developed in Spain rural tourism. Living in the countryside, you can not only admire the beautiful scenery, but also to explore the culture and nature of the region.

In recent years real estate prices in Spain to 2017 has decreased significantly. So the house among the unspoilt landscapes or the flat, and perhaps a Villa on the Mediterranean sea can be bought relatively cheaply. The price of some residential properties fell by 50%. Therefore, the purchase of real estate in Spain can be considered as a profitable investment. Besides, for the period of absence in the country housing you can rent.

the people of Russia who are interested in real estate in Spain cheap for permanent residence, can make the Bank a mortgage loan under 4-5% per annum for up to 25 years. Spanish banks are loyal to foreigners. They provide a loan amounting to 60% of the cost of housing. If implemented, the property is located on the Bank balance, the borrower may rely on a mortgage covering 80% of its value. If desired, the possibility of early repayment of the loan.

real estate Prices in Spain to 2017 usually will depend on the region and type of housing. The price range is very large: from 16 thousand Euro for a small Studio or an apartment in an old house in a prestigious district not far from the sea, 250 thousand euros for a Villa on the coast. Most foreigners prefer to buy property in close proximity to the sea. The most expensive housing is located on the Costa Brava, and the budget on the Costa Blanca. It should be noted that regardless of the cost and prestige of the real estate quality construction in the country is always on the level.

Those interested in property in Spain prices in rubles and the Euro can learn from local and international agencies involved in the implementation of living space, and helping foreigners in the execution of all documents necessary for its acquisition. To apply directly to a resident of Spain, selling their apartments makes no sense. In this country it is not customary to search for a buyer. Besides, people who are not familiar with the local peculiarities of filling of documents, not knowing the Spanish laws and other legal technicalities, it will be difficult to self correct to issue.

real estate Agents with years of experience advise: when deciding what to purchase a property in Spain, prices in roubles it is not necessary to know there is more important than price in euros. As due to fluctuations of the currencies can change greatly in a relatively short period of time. Better choosing a suitable housing option, focus on the cost in euros. After all, it is the official unit of currency.

Foreign property owners in Spain and their family members (spouse and minor children) will get a multi entry visa to the Schengen area. It is valid for 2 years. And allows you to move freely at all States of the Schengen agreement. 

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