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rental homes in Spain, a Paradise on earth

Spain – is not just one of the most popular resorts, but also one of the most popular countries at the request of the tourist rental of real estate. The real estate market, this Sunny and incredibly hospitable country that thousands and hundreds of thousands of options of townhouses, apartments, houses, villas, apartments, bungalows, etc. to Rent a house in Spain for the summer is a dream of many residents from all over the world, and this dream is very affordable and easy to implement.

to Your attention the housing from the suburbs of Spain and to the Northern beaches of Marbella, and do not forget that beloved Ibiza and the South of the country.

rental homes for a short period

when Choosing for yourself, as the accommodation – rent, it is worth considering the season. If it is summer, the only available short-term rental housing, which in this period is much more expensive. If you are interested in rent house in Spain for a month August, to reserve such housing, is much earlier. August the most popular month for tourists and to find housing here at arrival, it will be almost impossible. To reserve housing, better in the spring, in the month of April, then the tenant will provide you with a good discount, and you'll be sure that on arrival you will find a comfortable house with all conditions.

beach Lovers, will like resorts such as Calella, Santa Sussana in Costa Maresme. If you want to retire and be alone with your thoughts, relax your body and soul, choose for yourself of Sant Andre de Llavaneres or Saint Vincent. Rental housing in Spain for a short time, is not considered per day and per week. More favorable option would be to rent for a few months, then the cost will be much less. Even for short-term rental, you need to make a contract where you are required to provide a Deposit for the property in the house, about 300-500 euros. The Deposit will be returned upon departure.

rent a house in Spain long term

rent house in Spain for a long time, more cost option, but requires registration of the contract on long-term lease. Payment is required a month stay. On average, the cost of good housing for a month in large cities such as Barcelona, will cost 400-500 euros. To execute such a contract not less than one year and not more than 5 years. In Spain, you must pay one month in advance, Deposit and other conditions, which is the owner.

Help finding houses

If you are in the search of his home in Spain on a long or short period, our company will help you to quickly and safely rent any dwelling in any corner of this beautiful country. We will make sure that your vacation and stay were as comfortable as possible, facilitate the search procedure and all at the most affordable prices. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24