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Rent a Villa in Spain by the sea – spend the summer at the Royal!

Villa – the most lavish homes in Spain. Even when just looking at photos of these gorgeous houses is breathtaking. But they can live and have a good time if you rent.

summer at the Villa

Rent a Villa in Spain – expensive, but no need to say that this house, where there is everything. And his love to rent, politicians, stars, rich people. But if you're the average person, to rent a Villa in Spain for you, too, will not be a problem. It is enough to gather a huge company or except to take his family some more, and you will pay the rent. Villas in Spain large – the average size of 200 m2 and enough space for everyone.

in addition, if you are interested in rent villas in Spain for the summer you can save on water parks, paid beaches, and even entertainment. For many, especially those who have Villa has its own private beach, have the opportunity not to leave the house. Because in a Villa in Spain is:

  • swimming Pools and sun loungers
  • Butler and a staff of servants
  • a Lot of space in the yard where you can relax, spend time, eat and enjoy life.
  • Peace and security

renting a Villa in Spain for the summer may cost you a tidy sum. After three months of flight – the hottest for Spanish landlords. There are a lot of tourists and prices are high. So if you roughly calculate the Villa rental 10,000 euros per month, for a whole summer it will cost you 30,000 euros. But it's probably the least amount I can find. The average price of renting a Villa for a week – 2000 Euro and it's not very prestigious rayone.

                in General, condos can have absolutely massive amounts of money for rent. Sometimes, the price goes up to 80,000 euros per month. But you try to find a cheap Villa on the coast and in low-cost cities. In principle, it's possible to rent a Villa for 7000-8000 Euro per month. In addition, for long term rental there is always a discount.

            I Sam!

                villas for rent Spain without intermediaries possible, but it has risks. Because of the guarantee you no one will have to rely only on themselves. And when making a visa while booking, can be a problem. Sometimes when renting a Villa Spain without intermediaries is happening, you can ask copies of passport pages with the visa. But not your. As your host. And often it can be very problematic. So if you want the maximum easy to spend your vacation and entrust rent a Villa in Spain to professionals. Such as OpenSpains. We will help you to rent only the Villa and at the same time you also saves. Glad to have you! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24