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the Purchase of land in Spain

            Land in Spain are very popular among the citizens of this country and among foreigners. Spanish law allows you to buy land for almost everyone.

            we build a house?

            the Land in Spain is under construction –is a very popular and prestigious. You can buy a plot, how to build a small private house, Villa or even for doing business: for example, to build a huge high-rise buildings or super modern hotel.

            But we must remember that Spain has a different purpose. And if you bought the land not intended for construction, and to practice agriculture, to build there anything you can't. Therefore, choosing a land, always be very careful and check all documents. For example, land in the country can be divided into:

  • For construction in the area of the city (Urbano);
  • To build in a remote location (Urbanizable);
  • the Land for agriculture (Rastico).

In the first two cases, you will be able to build a house and will have all available communication. In the third – you will receive a plot of land remote from the town and all the amenities.

Land under development for sale throughout the country. Of course, the elite in the cities, the urbanization you will find expensive land price for 1 sq. m which can take quite a great price. And if you want to buy land in, say, Barcelona or Madrid, it can be either very expensive or simply impossible.  as in large, densely populated cities, “draw” land plots and generally undeveloped places is almost gone.

            Mountain, sea and sand

            the Land under development you can buy cheap in the more remote from large urban areas, in the highlands, where the soil is worse. Also, very high demand, however, as application for areas near the sea. They are the cheapest on the Costa Blanca. The average price of a piece of land 800 m2 for the 300-400 m from the sea around 250,000 euros. If you have a fairly large plot of about 2500 m2, then he can put even half a million euros or bolee.

                If you are interested in land in Spain, you need to pay attention to where you want to live, what you plan to do, what climate you want. Land in Spain is under construction is a great investment. After all, the earth always in the price, and its price is constantly growing. Becoming the owner of even a small piece of land, you will ensure yourself and future, and the ability to sell it at a higher price in the future, and even starting your brand new business.

            If you want to buy a plot of land at any province of Spain – please contact us. We will do everything to your choice was the best! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24