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Agricultural land in Spain – the lovers of peace and garden

            If you like to cultivate the land or to plant fruits and vegetables – a good option for you is to buy land in Spain for farming.  

            Without the right to build

            Sale agricultural land, Spain is now very active. This is a very profitable and a good opportunity not only to live in warm Spain, but also to grow their own food, and even profit from it. Spain – the country is very favourable for agriculture. Here it is possible to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits, depending on the region. To buy land in Spain for agriculture can posude. Pay attention to all regions of the country, because in Spain are growing excellent tomatoes, potatoes, melons, asparagus, garlic, strawberry.

            If you want to buy land in Spain for SEL farms and earn by farming.

  • Citrus note to all the Mediterranean coast;
  • Going to become a winemaker –looking for land in Catalonia, La Mancha. Andalusia.
  • going to do high-quality olive oil, you can find sections in Andalusia and parts of New Castile.

            But remember, on their sites you will only be able to grow something. Or at least buy the land as a dowry, “reserve” or to stay. To build on these lands can not be, except that some small outbuildings without Foundation. The only thing that buildings in such areas can be allowed if you have a very large area. But it also needs special permission from the local administration. So if you intend to buy a plot rastico (for agricultural work) and then something to build, you can't. You break the law, which Spain is strictly. Moreover, most of these lands do not have access to basic communications.

            the Price of land

Selling agricultural land, Spain – it's actually not too expensive if you consider that usually sold for quite large pieces of land. Prices can vary from 50,000 euros to 600,000 euros and even more. It is impossible to give exact figures. It all depends on the region, from which the quality of the land in it, so possible high-quality processing of land, depending on topography, proximity to the sea.

you can Buy land in Spain for agriculture is profitable. Because in addition to growing vegetables and fruits, can be engaged in livestock or cultivate his vineyard. Generally, variants mass. Here you need only a little money and desire. Contact us and with our help, you will gain ground for treatment in a hot Spain! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24