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If you have a big happy family, and you are going to move to Spain, you are thinking that it would be nice to have a corner in this country. Two-bedroom apartment is not enough, and your house still can't afford it? And you do not want to consider a four-room apartment?

Buy a two-bedroom apartment in Spain simple. Neutral rates, attracting buyers from all over the world a variety of interiors and location. On our website it's all there.

Pricing for different types of apartments, of course, his own, but a good apartment for  not too high a price, is to find very real.

For example, an Unfurnished apartment or requiring minor repairs are from 18 000 Euro up to 22 000 euros. The price of a fully equipped apartment ranging from 19 000 euros and above. This apartment in Alicante cost of 21 000 euros in good condition, fully furnished, in a residential complex where this apartment is located playgrounds, shops, and medical facilities. Or, the apartment in the same Alicante for 29 000 euros. Fully furnished, new appliances, a large terrace and the equipment of the residential complex includes a fitness center, restaurant, beauty salon, children's playgrounds, shops, and medical facilities. For the price it seems unreal, doesn't it?

Four-room apartment near the sea price is very adequate. For example, the apartment in Barcelona at the price of 39 900 euros. Furnished, new appliances, has terrace. 12 minute walk to the sea, all the Windows in the apartment face South, not far from the Church.  the apartment is ideal for medical facilities and shops. But apartment near the sea in Alicante. Fully furnished, in excellent condition, new appliances. The apartment price 41 000 Euro.  infrastructure of the house is of a medical centre and school. Distance to sea 2 km.

Buy a two-bedroom apartment in Spain is not so expensive as you might think. You just need the right look. But with our help it really. Even in a four-room apartment near the sea price will surprise you. Apartments by the sea can be cheap and good as you've convinced yourself.  You will become the owner of the best and most cozy apartments, you will be able to enjoy life in the wonderful country to spend a lovely evening by the sea and just live in his pleasure. And your dreams will become a reality. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24