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How to choose a one-bedroom apartment in Spain?

one-Bedroom apartment, perhaps the best choice for people who do not want one room or for young families who invite parents or friends.

Purchase one bedroom apartments in Spain with the purpose of accommodation of tourists-savages who come by themselves and are not affiliated with travel companies. In hotels to check in very difficult. Hostels are usually crowded, but you can spend a few weeks in the comfort. Not to hear people in the next room, feel at home and enjoy the city, relax and silence. 

2 bedroom apartment in Spain price ranges from 25 000 euros and above. Here already there is no threshold price. Of course, the apartments are located in different cities of Spain, in different areas of these cities, different furnished and are located in different houses.

one Bedroom apartments – is really a great choice for all positions. You can live as one, and with family or friend. Invite friends and they can stay the night if they are uncomfortable to get home. Invite parents to visit. Or have a party, and at any time to go to my room and rest.

Spanish sites offer you the choice of a large number of two-bedroom apartments. They are all different. As for the price and other parameters. For example, an apartment in Torrevieja for 29 950 euros. It is located in kilometer zone of the beach, is located on the second floor, fully furnished. And kilometer to the beach – not the distance. Moreover, you need to walk more often, because it is good for health. Or, the apartment in Alicante in 25 600 euros. However, such a low price explains the fact that the sea here is far. Apartment on the Costa Blanca in 35 800 euros will be just a surprise for you, because it is by the sea. Enjoy the sound of the surf every day and enjoy such a successful purchase. But for example apartment in La Mata for 39 900 euros. Located in the lovely area. This residential complex has a swimming pool. But to sea a little far. Apartment in Tenerife for 43 000 Euro will make you happy. Fully furnished, has all appliances and is located about a kilometer from the sea.

to Buy a one bedroom apartment in Spain is not a problem. Just tell me what you need and our site will give you all sorts of options.

basically, 2 bedroom apartment in Spain the price will surprise you. Because all the apartments are already furnished. Ready bathroom and kitchen. You just have to live and enjoy life. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24