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How to rent an apartment in Spain?

she wanted to go to Spain a large company of friends? Or just want to relax in a large space? Then I suggest you rent a three-room apartment in Spain. Will enjoy the space to relax and have a good time.

apartment for rent in Spain is:

  • Comfort and peace of mind;
  • Pleasant holiday experience;
  • Incredible views of the city and the sea;
  • total immersion in the atmosphere of the city.

You can rent a three-room apartment in Spain at affordable prices that vary depending on how well the apartment is renovated, where is it, and what's the square footage.

For example, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment in Torrevieja with a price of 250 euros per week or 36 euros per day. The apartment is located close to the sea.  it Has 2 bathrooms. Located on the 4th floor of the house. The house has an Elevator. There is a terrace of 3 square meters.  All appliances are new. Close to shops, daycare centers and cozy cafes.

or perhaps apartment in Alicante will attract you more? 250 euros per week. The beach is 1200 meters from the historical centre, 1 kilometre to the nearest medical facilities 500 meters. The apartment is on the second floor, has a terrace with sea views. The complex has a pool and when you rent apartment you will be issued a Parking space. In the kitchen, new refrigerator, new electric stove, oven, washing machine, coffee maker, toaster and kitchenware. Before a small beach at a distance of 300 meters. Also in the infrastructure of the residential complex there are shops. Near the house guarded territory and Parking.

apartments in Spain

Still as a variant, it is possible to consider two-bedroom apartment in Denia La. The apartment has 2 bathrooms. Close to the sea. Near the residential complex there is a Park and Playground. The infrastructure of the residential complex there is a swimming pool, garages, Parking. The apartment itself is renovated, air-conditioned, have a terrace with views of the sea. The rental price 450 euros per week. The apartment is equipped with new appliances.

Agree that the opportunity to live in a fantastic country, it is inexpensive. Just imagine that every morning you'll open the window and enjoy the intoxicating aroma of the sea, onto the balcony and admire the city views or landscapes.

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