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Apartments in Barcelona – with views of beauty

Moraira – a small but very cozy town which has everything for a perfect holiday.  Is – a quiet place, located in a beautiful area, bordering waters of the Mediterranean sea.

the Splendor of nearby

Apartments in Barcelona – the cheapest form of housing, because this is a fairly upscale town. Here like to spend wealthy people, but even those who do not have high income will be able to find something for yourself. the to Buy apartment in Moraira can be for various amounts, the average cost of one room starts from 90 thousand euros, and the average price per apartment 100 m2 – 150 thousand Euro.  Apartment in Altea hills:

  • Reliable
  • Light
  •  With a great view
  • All the necessary
  • With swimming pools and protected area

Moraira – an oasis of calm and relaxation. It is located somewhat far away from all routes, favored by tourists. To big cities from Moraira approx 90 miles away, but it makes it special and cosy. It does not feel the provincialism, on the contrary in its separation from the rest of the world there is a certain romanticism and mysteriousness.  Owning an apartment here is very convenient – inexpensive, nice and clean. Moreover, an apartment can be very beneficial to take, there are a lot of tourists, especially those who prefer to stay at home. There are a lot of Europeans, the atmosphere of smug Europe. But at the same time quite wonderful seafood restaurants, many festivities and a true Spanish fun. In the village well-developed infrastructure that allows you to feel very comfortable.


            Moraira is known for the fact that it is very conveniently located. Mountains and hills protect it from the winds and the sea presents a light breeze and beautiful beaches. There are two large sandy beaches, awarded the Blue flag. In addition, the sea is ideal for children, for people with health problems. But if you like extreme – it can be found in many bays and near the rocks. There is always something to do. And having an apartment in this quiet place you will feel a great peace and freedom. After all, in Benidorm you can play football, tennis, Golf, fishing and spend a great boat trips. There's plenty to see – an ancient castle and beautiful surroundings.  all the apartments, whether primary or secondary, is a market located in a wonderful houses. If you want to buy an apartment in Moraira you with great joy will help the Agency Openspains!

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