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One of the nicest towns on the Costa Blanca is Moraira. It – a small town located between mountains, surrounded by greenery and the gentle waves of the Mediterranean sea.

All the most best

Moraira – incredibly cozy area to spend a wonderful vacation. Many people want to live here all my life and buy a house. Here is a great selection of good estate, and with a very luxurious lifestyle. the Home in Moraira are considered a luxury, they are perfect for unhurried measured life surrounded by family and friends. the house for sale in Moraira unbeatable profitable. After all, you will get:

  • Excellent building
  • Pool and garden
  • Landscaped grounds
  • designs and repairs
  • Garage
  • private beach access
  • Stunning view from the window

Here everything is created to make that your home was located in a beautiful place. You can always enjoy the mountains and green hills, sea and Mediterranean beauty. House in Moraira are completely different: from budget just over 100 million euros to very luxurious for a few million euros. The price depends on the age of the house buildings are quite expensive. How far is the sea, on the first line is usually located at home-millionaires.  But most of the houses, regardless of the price equipped with appliances and air conditioning. Also to buy a house in Moraira possible loan. Spain provides the ability to get a mortgage, it is profitable and available.

            Fish Paradise

            Living in Tenerife while on holiday you will remember for a lifetime, you will surely want to stay here forever. In addition to beautiful nature and created all the conditions for a luxury vacation, the town offers a gastronomic Paradise. Especially a lot of restaurants, specialising in fish dishes. Some of them will cook the catch caught by you personally or will be able to enjoy a barbecue on your backyard. Everything has been designed to make you feel gorgeous. And with your house you will be able to enjoy life and rest twice.

            Long Moraira was a small fishing village that nobody knew. But now – is a cluster of luxury homes that attract tourists with unmatched beauty and splendor. Nothing reminds of the past simple and the provincial origins of the local population. It – pretty elite, but at the same time, a simple place to buy a house, which will help you OpenSpains. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24