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Apartment in Salou

Who in his dreams did not see themselves in a cozy apartment in an old house, sitting by the window and sipping a Cup of strong coffee in the morning? Who has not dreamed about the apartment in a skyscraper, in order to approach the Windows and see the city? And who would not want to Wake up each morning to the gentle sounds of the surf and fall asleep to them every night?

We are happy to realize all your dreams and dreams. Offer you apartments in Valencia buy for reasonable prices. You can select from apartments in the old quarters with its own history and legends in modern buildings and skyscrapers, and even near the famous Golden beaches.

Just imagine if you live in some of the old quarters of the city, the locals will tell you the history of this house and the area, and even will tell you all about the previous owners of your apartment. Perhaps you will witness something mysterious and exciting, because in the old quarters there is a different way.

And if you get an apartment in some of the buildings in the center of Valencia, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of constant movement – it does not abate even for a second. Over, only if you subtract the lunch break: at this time, resting the whole of Spain. In the center are all working and administrative buildings, shops, shopping malls and restaurants.

Want to live away from the hustle and bustle? Then we'll find you an apartment near the sea. Listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy the sea in all its manifestations: in calm and in storm. And your apartment will always walk the wind. Like a fairy tale, right?

Cost of apartments in Valencia

Apartments in Valencia can be bought and even need. In any other city you will feel so comfortable as here. Prices range from 10-15 000 euros to about 150 to 180 000 euros.  it will depend on the area in which they are located, at home, where they are, and, of course, the internal configuration of the apartment. But don't worry. Your dream «buy an apartment in Valencia” will be fulfilled with our help. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24