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Torrevieja – great city for recreation, but if you don't like the finished house, you can safely build your. In Spain there are no problems. The main components of a successful construction of the house - the money and the permission of the local municipality. In addition, in Calpe you can safely begin your own development farms, or to try to build your restaurant or cafe. For this you need to buy a plot of land in Calpe.

Huge opportunity

Torrevieja-a tourist Paradise. Nature itself seems to have invented this place for a relaxed holiday and this created ideal conditions for life and for those who would like to earn. the to Buy a plot in Calpe means to start his life anew. And possibly the business “zero”. the Land plot in Benidorm

  • Possibility to build a house on his own project, will only need to take permission at the municipality and to pay mandatory contributions
  • to Develop business on their own site. Because of the lovely climate here, it is possible to plant a vineyard and become a winemaker-raise cattle for making cheese or to grow citrus
  • because of the abundance of fish you can build a new atmospheric restaurant somewhere away from the city noise. Good advertising and ambiance will attract customers
  • it is Possible to develop green tourism. After having bought a large plot of land or just build a cottage for his own rest

you can Buy land in Calpe – it's not very expensive. But still count on too  low prices is also not necessary. Good areas are near the city, close to the sea, and for the farm activities you need to work hard to choose good soil. But a plot of land in Calpe is a profitable investment, especially if you buy it in the developing urbanization near the town.

            to Talk about specific prices in Calpe on the ground hard. A lot depends on the location, the remoteness, the possibility of building on it. Usually over 8 acres of land in a decent area is about 150-200 thousand euros. But in many ways, the price may varies from different factors that must be considered. Most importantly, do not buy too cheap land, it may be unsuitable for agricultural work or construction, located somewhere on a hill and without any communications.

            For the soul and body

to Buy a plot in Calpe gives you the opportunity Agency Openspains. In our catalog a huge selection of incredibly beautiful, comfortable, and promising sites that you can purchase. Plot in Calpe – your lucky ticket to the future, don't miss it! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24