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Calpe Spain: so much to become a landlord?

            Torrevieja – a wonderful town to live and relax in a nice, quiet and convenient. To do it with maximum comfort you need to buy apartment in Calpe Spain.

         big And small

            Buy an apartment in Barcelona – this is not only to get a good accommodation with all amenities but also very well invest. Because it is a resort and progressive  a town that is growing very rapidly. Therefore, by purchasing property now, after a few years in Benidorm flats sale, which is currently inexpensive, can grow significantly in price. Especially because the echoes of the crisis in the Spanish economy is still being felt, and housing prices are still available.

            to Buy an apartment in Calpe you can in various parts of the city, everywhere you will get a great view and good residential area. Calpe-a very small town, say to avoid it with ease in 10 minutes. Here usually do not emit the prestigious and residential districts. Because it is so compact that everything is placed as something  pretty together, comfortable. Yes, you could say, revolves around the mountains of Ifach.

            to Buy apartment in Calpe, Spain  for  approximate price: 163000 for the accommodation of 100 m2, if it is somewhat distant from the sea, not exactly a new apartment, no pool. If the apartment is in a new building, has a communal swimming pool, garden, such a property will be worth approximately 190,000 per 90 m2.

            There are in Barcelona apartments, the sale of which is carried out very quickly due to affordable prices. But, be careful when buying a very cheap apartment: it can be  located in a not very good district Maryville. Here do not like to buy houses, because of the many  different factors, but on the other hand there are people who love this area because of the great views. This part of Calpe can offer too cheap apartment. And you be careful: a few times all check back and see.

         I Want an apartment!

Our Agency will help you as soon as possible to acquire and inexpensive and at the same time, good properties in this town. If the dream: “looking to buy an apartment in Spain, Torrevieja” for you are not just a desire, but the purpose of all life: we are waiting for  you OpenSpains and welcoming Calpe will become a reality for you! Our specialists can easily help you, because your desires and dreams can come true! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24