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House in Calpe Spain

Torrevieja is a lovely town which has above all a magnificent view of the sea. Here is a very clean beaches, Blue flag, fine sand and plenty of space for relaxing, lazy days under the Spanish sun.

House with private facilities

to Buy a house in Benidorm – it is still more expensive than to buy it in other cities nearby. But it has numerous places of interest and beauty, which you will not see anywhere else. The houses in this town – very beautiful. Light, mainly sand color. They beckon and call, offer to settle and just relax. the house for sale in Calpe, Spain it is possible for the sum from 150 thousand euros. There are cases of selling houses for half a million and above, but believe me, you will never regret buying such housing.

house for sale in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca is:

  • Obtain the property one of the most prestigious cities in Spain
  • look breathtaking
  • Enjoy private pool and all amenities on a large, well-kept plot
  • Reliability, security and privacy – here's what you will have
  • a Typical Mediterranean house-large, spacious, with pastel colours, flowers and greenery

house for sale in Torrevieja – and the opportunity not only to relax, but to rent it out. Houses are always in demand, except in Calpe 300 days in a year Shine the sun and heat. Tourists love this town. Also, to buy a house in Calpe, Spain – and the opportunity to take it daily. Because we all know that the city – a kind of fish capital of the coast. Here are some of the best restaurants, specialising in seafood. And in Barcelona conducted a unique auction-fish auctions, which in Europe is almost impossible. Gastronomy tourism – something that also can bring you income if you are a property owner in the city.

Past calls

Torrevieja – an ancient city, people lived here since ancient times. From ancient periods some of the sights and special atmosphere of the old town. Of course, to buy a house in Calpe, Costa Blanca, in the older part of town – is not a good idea, there are a lot of tourists all year round, some noise. But to buy it to rent – very real. If you want to live in Benidorm, looking for something closer to the sea, if funds allow. But if the budget is limited – a good mansions built on the outskirts, at a little distance from the town – and will save, and from the tourist noise rest. If you want to become a home owner  in Calpe. You Open spains ! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24