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Land in Valencia – bring your dreams to life

Valencia – fertile piece of land that beckons and attracts all those who love the heat and Spanish flavor.

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Land of Valencia – this is a promising investment. After all, to buy land in such a prestigious city like Valencia is worth a lot. Even if you decide to acquire land in the province of Valencia, and not in the city – it will also bring you a lot of useful and good. After all, Valencia – the area where it is possible to build new hotels or restaurants. There are always tourists. And possibly to develop agriculture. This is the land of the sun, brightness, exotic fruits and berries. You will not regret buying the section in Valencia.

Yes, if we talk about prices, they are higher than for example in other parts of the Costa Blanca or Costa Dorada, but the climate here is very good. Because there is constant heat. Land in Valencia – this is a great opportunity to secure the future of their children and grandchildren. Because basically sold a huge piece of land where you can easily expand any huge project or to lay his vineyard.

You must remember that there is the earth:

  • For development
  • One where development is possible
  • One that can only be used for agricultural purposes

Everything is standard and the same as the rest of Spain, with the only change that a local municipality is making some minor changes.

to Buy a plot of land in Valencia, starting from 90,000 euros and ending in the millions. Here is one of the most expensive lands in Spain. But the place is very prestigious. And buy plots very often not to build the hut. Here the favorite place of the eminent businessmen and entrepreneurs who allow themselves to invest in future profitable Biznes.

                the Approximate cost of 1 sq. m. of land in Valencia Colo 2300-3000 EUR. But do not seek to buy land on the beach or in the most popular regions – for her you can just pay a huge amount.

            the Decision on million

                Purchasing land plots in stunning Valencia you only make the right choice. Even the smallest piece of land you will bring success. There are opportunities to build, develop business and learn to own my own business. Also thanks to the wonderful climate you can build a great house, not spending a very large amount. Don't have a lot of money on insulation or construction of frost walls, or roof. Thanks to the climate you will be able to save some and bring it home faster. If you want land in Valencia – waiting for you in OpenSpains! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24