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Commercial property in Valencia

Valencia – the great region and city where we can safely develop their own business. If you feel commercial flair and a great desire to become a successful businessman, you certainly need a commercial property in Valencia.


Valencia commercial real estate which variety, will give you a million opportunities to develop their business. Here, as nowhere a huge amount of secondary commercial real estate and brand new. But prices for commercial property in Valencia are pretty high. Due to the promising town, a huge number of people and opportunities, all of which you can make a business sells very expensive. It stores, cafes, and bars, and a variety of salons. In addition, a lot of hidden and commercial real estate. Because nothing prevents you to purchase the apartment on the first floor and all the relevant documents to make it a cafe or a hostel.

Especially promising Valencia commercial real estate is if you buy it under the facility of catering. After all, Valencia – this is the place where was born the famous paella. And promising to open a café where the menu will be the only one — this dish, or the restaurant specializing in Valencian cuisine. After all, many tourists come to this region for new taste sensations.

Also, a great idea is a mini-hotel or hostel. After all, it needs a lot of funds. To buy two apartments under the hostel and make this business – and it is quite affordable.

If you for example want to buy an apartment in Valencia as commercial property need to have at least 100,000 euros. But if a cafe or shop, at least half a million.

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                as Valencia – a city with big ambitions and one which is actively growing, you should definitely rush out to buy something inexpensive, but promising. After all, every year for commercial real estate in its purest form becomes less and in the future will have to bribe or flat something else with which to make a case.  While on the other hand, for those who has possible, Valencia offers of new buildings, business centres commercial property brand new, just something  built. But it is expensive, its price can reach millions Euro.

                and, In any case, Valencia and commercial property– synonyms. If you want to be successful here, just contact OpenSpains and we will help you to buy what later will be your key to success!

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