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Apartment in La Mata – profitable investment

Torrevieja – a great place to live and enjoy recreation. There are a huge number of beautiful apartments that can be purchased.

All facilities

Torrevieja – a cheap place, the prices are a bit higher than in Torrevieja, but also more virtues: quiet, calm, wonderful atmosphere, convenient location. The cheapest housing is flat.  to Buy apartment in La Mata in Spain quite possible for the budget amount. Average price per square meter in an apartment on the secondary market – 1200 Euro new - Euro. The most expensive are apartments on the seafront, near the beach. Some developers offer flats in views of the beaches, awarded with Blue flag, the national parks, but this property is not cheap. The apartment is 70 square meters can cost more 150 thousand euros.

And if you decide to buy an apartment in La Mata Spain away from the sea, beach and attractions, low prices – around 50 thousand euros for a one bedroom.  of Course, grind to consider the purpose of buying an apartment – to pass the best fit is located near the beach and tourist facilities, and for the life of the beach away from the noise and crowds of tourists.

Apartments on the sea

Buying an apartment in the beautiful La Mata, you not only get a great view and good climatic conditions.  the Property is equipped with the latest technology, has everything you need to feel comfortable. Apartment in La Mata we have:

  • Good facilities and toilets
  • Terrace
  • Sometimes fenced and even a swimming pool
  • Often has furniture and all appliances
  • Convenient location, all infrastructure near

Apartments in La Mata, despite its budget nature is very good. This is not the case when cheap means bad. Besides there are apartments range from small studios to large, on two floors. Here you will find refuge even the most fastidious. There are also cases good decor apartments luxury interior. Benidorm knows how to surprise those who can only buy an apartment. In addition, if you decide to earn on the lease, then the apartment will be your most nastrodamus and payback objekta.

                OpenSpains a large variety of apartments in La Mata. Our catalog full of the most varied and beautiful flats, you will be able to choose the one that and the price and appearance, and size you will be most pleasant. And our employees around you to help and advise. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24