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building plot in Benidorm-only the beginning

the Costa Blanca – Spain area with reasonable prices, you can buy housing and land for affordable cost. At the present stage the land in this town are very popular.

            For different purposes

Benidorm – a city that is actively developing the last 50 years, it has all chances to become the capital of tourism on the Costa Blanca. It may soon become even more popular than Barcelona, so the land here is actively buying. the Land plot in Benidorm can be purchased for the sum of 100 thousand dollars to several million. There is no clear framework and specific amounts. It all depends on the plot size and its location. The closer to the sea and the city, the more expensive.

of Course, the most popular use of land in the heart of Benidorm. But every year there are more and less, soon there will be no free space and plots. The most popular areas in the city and near the sea. Most people want to build them at home, but there are cases when a land plot in Benidorm buy for construction of a hotel, business or even farm. It all depends on personal tastes and of course, from the “status” of the earth. Buying any land in Benidorm remember that not all the land is used for construction and for this you should warn the seller. In Spain there are three sections, the first and second types allow you to build them something. But the third – no. To avoid mistakes, please contact Openspains and our specialists will definitely pick up your site depending on your desire and planov.

                Buy land in Benidorm everyone can. Especially easy to do if you are working with trusted agencies and intermediaries. Such as Openspains. Then you definitely won't have any problems, and the transaction will be carried out transparently and honestly.

            Land in credit

                Buy a plot of land in Denia – this is quite a good investment right now to buy land a few kilometers from the city or not yet a prestigious location, and  after a few years you have a chance that this place will be a city or a new prestige urbanisation. And the price of such land automatically vyrastet.

                Land-the main wealth of any country, but in Spain, the law allows you to buy a plot of land to foreigners. By the way, you will be able to take even a loan in a Spanish Bank to purchase land, especially if in the future I plan to build a house there. The Spaniards will be happy to help you to buy any part.  How to do it correctly, where to go and all the other nuances you explain spains Open. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24