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Benidorm, compared with many other cities, calling it the European Hong Kong, new York. And for good reason, the city's large number of skyscrapers. Another name that is Benidorm – Rio de Janeiro, its beautiful beaches.

More than 50 years ago, the city was quite undistinguished. Now the situation has extremely changed, thanks to the passage and progress of tourism. And today the town is still being built, creating new districts, construction of latest home, and the city's population is growing rapidly.

Nearby Benidorm to be picturesque and fascinating waterfall. Each visitor is obliged to visit the Benidorm Palace-a fascinating show with dinner. Such emotions and the memory of the city to remember. In Benidorm there are also museums, so few days to visit all dignity will not be enough.

In the summer the temperature is +25°C, in the winter period of +15°C. the sea remains Warm until mid autumn. The rains here are extremely rare. The beaches are one of the best in the Mediterranean. For every beach there is car access. On the beach there is even a library. In fact, the beaches of Benidorm you can not compare with anything, since they are the envy of most other cities in Europe.

Overview of proposals and market prices of apartments in Benidorm

to Purchase an apartment in Benidorm at an affordable price. the to Buy apartment in Torrevieja from the Bank laid is fully equipped with appliances, with a particular fixation, a private swimming pool and small private area. Such prestigious apartments in Benidorm  may be purchased at a price of 250 thousand.

real Estate in sun city fulfills the standards of amenities. The property is located on a closed and protected area near the sea. There is a huge pool, playgrounds, gymnasiums, Parking lots that are open and shared. To buy apartment in Torrevieja from the Bank mortgaged with a prestigious renovation, quality furniture and home equipment nearby the sea at a price of 300 to 900 thousand euros. If you are not able to purchase such housing, the apartment in Benidorm you can buy and at a more affordable price. To buy apartment in Benidorm, probably from 150-200 thousand euros of the plan of the housing will be renovated and equipped with appliances. +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24