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Apartments on the coast of Alicante

Accommodation in Benidorm has a number of advantages and benefits. First, it is the main administrative centre of the Costa Blanca, secondly, infrastructure, and third, rest on the sea, fourth, many options for conducting your business, well, in the fifth place – this place is not afraid of the crisis, inflation, falling prices, housing is always will be quite expensive and it can be profitable to sell if desired.

The perfect Alicante?

Talking about the beauty of Alicante, can be infinite, here, beauty radiates every corner. Beautiful nature, multi-faceted and creates great landscapes that can be admired forever. Local culture, surprises and impresses with its customs and traditions, many of which have been preserved from the times of the Moors. Kitchen and style of cooking, be sure to catch the fancy of you, as local chefs cook with a special love for the process and use local products. There are many attractions, entertainment, comfortable places to stay.

But we must not forget about the local beaches, which has seen millions of tourists from around the world. Each of the beaches of Alicante stands out for its beauty. Clean sand, clear water and the mark of the blue flag on the ecology of the area. All the beaches are free, but if you want to rent chairs or other beach equipment, you will have to pay 4-6 euros. If you want to spend time with benefit, then the best option would be to scuba dive. Go diving and explore the underwater world, the best  in a small rocky Cove of Cabo de Huertas, this is the most popular place with divers. But also the Cape and the beach near it was chosen by nudists.

Accommodation in Benidorm

One of the reasons for the popularity of real estate Alicante are its affordable prices compared to other resorts of the Costa Blanca. the Apartments in Barcelona to buy can be like to live on a permanent basis and to further the delivery of housing for rent to tourists. The average price of flats here is around 1.2 thousand euros per square meter. Some of the apartments in Alicante on the seashore will cost you an average of 60-80 thousand euros. If you are interested in, such areas of the resort as Torrevieja, Denia, Altea, it is worth to note that the apartments there are a bit more expensive, about 1.5 thousand Euro per square meter. All due to the fact that they have a full, well-developed infrastructure, perfectly suitable for living and recreation.

Large, spacious apartments with sea views, are from 65 to 150 thousand euros, all depends on the area, meblirovany and distance from the sea. This more spacious apartment right by the sea will cost more than large sums from 200-350 thousand euros and above.

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