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Marbella – start from the beginning

Marbella – the most beautiful city of Spain.  This is a popular place all of the rich, and start a business here is very prestigious and promising.

            a Great future in Commerce

            Marbella for more than half a century proves to all, that inconspicuous village to turn into the most luxurious resort in Spain. This town is incredibly picturesque, every day here come groups of tourists with guides, tourists who wish to luxuriate under the sun, the rich, having in their pockets millions of dollars. Therefore buy commercial property in Marbella very profitable. It is a typical resort town, do not go here those who have no money. This place is as if created for carefree pastime. Therefore, almost any commercial real estate in Marbella can bring a good income.

            the Main activity is tourism and all its components, which can serve visitors. To buy commercial property Marbella profitable for cafe, bar, restaurant, small diner, a hotel, a boutique, a nice little boutique hotel, good beauty salons, centres for relaxation. But here you also need to consider that the audience is very large queries. Therefore, it is possible to buy commercial real estate to open centres for yoga, to create a showroom, which will feature samples of good clothes, jewelry (possibly local), fancy restaurant with exclusive cuisine or even a hairdresser for dogs and cats. Everything that would be happy to spend the money of the rich.

            don't forget that Comerica property in Marbella can cater for the desires of citizens easier. Therefore, it is possible to open a budget hotel or hostel, family dining or just a cozy inexpensive restaurant. Also popular will and a travel Agency that can organize cheap but fun stay for tourists.

            For someone available

            Commercial property in Marbella can be purchased at:

  • Office
  • the Hotel
  • cafe
  • Shop
  • Supermarket
  • Fitness club

It is possible to develop such property, not only for tourists, and the focus on the local. This will ensure a stable year-round income. But prices for commercial property is high: the city elite for one million euros you can buy a building of about 500 m2 but prices usually ranges from 1 to 4-5 million euros. Of course, you can find some very low cost options, but this is not recommended, they are undervalued, sparsely populated areas. Please contact our Agency and we will tell you how  commercial real estate make a successful and profitable! +34 (62) 073 87 24 +7 (499) 643 40 80 +34 (62) 073 87 24