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property to rent in Marbella – a millionaire for a week

Marbella is considered the most popular and richest city on the Costa del Sol. Although this may come weight wish, but to live in hotels are quite expensive. Therefore, a good option is rental properties in Marbella.

Remove … expensive

the average person rent properties in Marbella absolutely not cheap. This beautiful city, wrapped in the ancient story, the smell of oranges and delicious dishes on its embankments adorn the yachts and the rest millionaires. But for those who have less wealth, the city is not always available. To rent an apartment usually for one day you need to pay at least 60 euros, and it is in  the case is not very good, and comfortable flats. It can be located far from the sea and from the centre. But the advantage of this rental properties in Marbella that here can accommodate several people simultaneously, which significantly reduces the cost of the holiday. But still the cheapest option to rent a property in Marbella are:

  • Apartments
  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Penthouses

the Average price for such housing ranges from 60 to 200 euros per day for the week to around 500 - 800 euros. And for a month – around 2000-3000 euros. But still this is considered a very cheap accommodation in Marbella available. Best to lay a long-term contract, it is cheaper and only go to specialized agencies.

            it is Much cheaper to rent a property in Marbella in older homes, conventional homes, away from the sea. If you decide to rent an apartment in a new building with all the “bells and whistles” or on the beach, to put in 2-3 times more. A lot depends on the neighbors. If you next settle at least some sort of little-known malski person, the price will immediately rise significantly.

            For those who are richer

the Most expensive to rent are the traditional homes and villas. If the house is a month to pay about 2500-4000 euros per Villa rates indefinitely. The average price for a Villa rental can be quite budget-4000-5000 Euro   month, but in most cases, for the Villa is asking for very large sums: 10-20 thousand Euro per month. Sometimes you can find a Villa for a similar amount per day. But here the imagination of designers and homeowners unlimited: villas Shine gold, luxury, feature private pools and beaches, the gardens.

            to rented housing in Marbella must first desire and then you can pick up something cheap. Please contact our Agency. We will do everything to you, too, at least for a few days felt like a millionaire!

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